Bartimaeus House Virginia Beach, VA

About Us

Board of Directors:
Dr. Edward Whealton, Chairman
Mrs. Helen Casper, Secretary
Captain Jim Eilertsen, Treasurer
Mr. Gerimy Bailey, FInancial Officer
Mr. Steve Kuehn, Director of Transitional Housing

a. The individual must be drug and alcohol free, and we prefer non-smokers; smoking is allowed, but not on the property. Alcohol is not permitted on the property.

b. The applicant must be willing to obey all rules and regulations of the home.
c. We accept no individuals convicted of sex crimes.
d. Violent crimes will be considered on a case by case basis.
e. We accept no individual that has an organic psychiatric diagnosis, but will consider individuals that have minor situational depression. We also do not consider applicants that have a pre or post-surgical situation where they are still in recovery and/or are currently taking prescription narcotic pain relievers.
f. Accepted applicants must be willing to attend Virginia Beach United Methodist Church, 212 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 for Sunday services and any classes assigned to them by the Director of Transitional Housing.
g. All applicants will be prayerfully considered and the decision for acceptance will be made by the Director of Transitional Housing.
h.  Each resident must pay $18 per day rent.

The Forms shown below must be filled in before admittance will be considered.

Application Form to be returned to the Director of Transitional Housing.


Full Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                    First                                   Middle                                             Last                                                 

Nick Name

SS# _________________________________ DOB _________________________ Race _______________

Do you posses a Particular Job Skill to earn income___________________________________________________________________________________________


Emergency Notification Person and Phone:


List any chronic Medical Conditions, such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Liver Condition, Heart, Allergies, etc.:


Drug and Alcohol Abuse History (First used, Last used, drug of choice, and outpatient or hospital treatment:


Criminal Record and Incarcerations: (Please list all crimes that you have been charged with and date of conviction. Also, any crimes that you were charged with while incarcerated):

Job Experience: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Release Date from Institution: ____________________ 


Please Print: 1) what your life was like before accepting Christ, 2) what prompted you to look into knowing Christ, 3) when accepting Christ what happened and 4) how has life been since accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

Use additional pages as necessary before returning.

Confidentiality Policy

Because of the nature of the residents that we serve at Bartimaeus House, it is imperative that their confidentiality be kept intact, both while they are in residence and when they are discharged.  Therefore residents and volunteers are restricted in discussing disciplinary issues, relapse into addiction, mental health diagnosis, family issues, grievances against staff members, financial situations and employment situations about residents.  This policy does not apply to the Board of Directors or Staff Members.

There will also be no disclosure of present or future addresses of residents or telephone numbers except to officers of the court, law enforcement to include federal, state and local police, attorneys, Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole and Department of Social Services employees.

If friends or church members ask about a specific resident the only appropriate response will be that the resident is doing fine or he needs prayer.  No specifics may be given.

A resident’s specific situation or personal business will never be discussed with another resident, in front of other residents, friends, or church members, unless the resident allows it.

Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of residents and volunteer privileges at Bartimaeus House.

______________________________________________                  __________________
Approved: DTH                                                                          Date

Applicant Printed Name

_______________________________________________                ____________________       
Applicant Signature                                                                     Date

Fraternization Policy

Once a resident of Bartimaeus House has been discharged for disciplinary reasons then staff and volunteers are prohibited from fraternization with the resident.  This policy does not apply to Board Members.

The Fraternization Policy is defined as a staff member or volunteer having personal contact or receiving telephone calls from the discharged resident in making referrals to agencies or giving advice (either practical or spiritual) for a period of six months after the resident’s discharge.

 In the event that a discharged resident contacts a staff member or volunteer the following procedures are to be followed:

 1.  Spiritual or pastoral concerns will be referred to any member of the Board of Directors or the resident’s church.

 2.  Mental health, addictions treatment, emergency housing referrals, or any other practical matters relating to welfare and contact with family members will be made by the Director of Transitional Housing (this is an exception to this policy).

 3.  In the case of the resident having a grievance against a staff member then the resident must be referred to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Staff and volunteers are prohibited in giving opinions on grievance matters.

Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of staff or volunteer privileges at Bartimaeus House.

Each staff member, volunteer and new resident shall sign a copy of this policy.


                                        RULES AND REGULATIONS

 1.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.
 2.  Any use of drugs, alcohol, or possession of these substances will result in immediate dismissal.  If the resident refuses to leave the police will be called.  There is a zero tolerance policy for drug use and possession.
.  All residents will be required to attend church on Sunday morning at Grace Covenant Church of Virginia Beach and any assigned classes per the director.

 4. All residents will be required to complete any assigned duties.

 5.  All residents will be required to have gainful employment or are seeking gainful employment.  If a resident does not have a job, he will be required to leave the house no later than 9:00 a.m. for a job search and may return at 3:00 p.m. from Monday through Saturday.

 6.  There is zero tolerance for complaining, arguing, violence, or threats.

 7.  Residents will be assigned a mentor as they are available.  This is to help with the spiritual growth, guidance, and the teaching of accountability.

 8.  All rent will be paid on time as designated in the Rental Agreement.

 9.  Family members are encouraged to visit, but are restricted to the downstairs area of the home.  Only Board Members, Staff and Residents are allowed in the upstairs area of the home.

 10.  There will be no loud playing of televisions or stereos in the bedrooms. The use of headphones for any electronic equipment is encouraged.  The bedrooms are for sleeping, rest, prayer, and study.  Please respect each other.

 11.  If you make a mess you are responsible for cleaning it up.

 12. There is an 11:00 p.m. curfew. If you are going to be late you must call the ADTH before 11:00 p.m.  If you are working nights proof of hours must be provided to the DTH.

 13.  Smoking is not allowed on church property or in our ministry homes. Do not litter our property or the neighborhood with butts.

 14.  Alcohol and Drug testing will be conducted on a random basis.

 15.  To ensure privacy residents (does not include Staff) are not allowed in any bedroom except their own unless specifically given permission by the current occupant(s).

 16.  The DTH is available during daytime working hours for any concerns or problems that arise.  Please address any issues to them instead of other residents. We are here to help you.



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